Founded in 2011 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, i2 Education is one of the largest and most recognizable education brands in China. With over 2,000 employees and 45,000 learners found in over 100 campuses nationwide, i2 Education is an ever-expanding company that has a vision to “Become the Leader of Children’s Education in Asia” and a mission to “Make our children bilingual”.
At its foundation, i2 Education is an English-immersion institute focused on providing students aged 3-12 with an elite growth program focused on cultivating their English language skills. Whether through iBillingual, i2Kiddo, PBL, or even Winter and Summer Camps, every teacher who joins i2 Education can experience everything i2 Education has to offer.

iBilingual Classes

At the core of i2 Education, we have iBillingual. What sets iBillingual apart from any other aspect of i2 Education is the class size. These are small classes with no more than six students per group and are exclusively foreign taught, making them truly immersive. Each class runs for between 40 and 80 minutes and covers a variety of topics based on our syllabus – from expressing likes and dislikes, to asking for directions or even describing clothes. The syllabus for these classes is structured in a way that is both logical and yet open for new ideas – teachers have a lot of freedom in how they approach teaching a class.

The small class size means that teachers will truly bond with each one of their students in a way that simply would not happen in a larger class. Having only 6 students in class helps teachers develop real connections with the students making them a big part of their life and their progress through their English learning. Small class size also means more opportunities for a variety of activities, where every student gets a chance to become the “little teacher”. Whether you like the smaller class sizes or the freedom to teach the content in a way that suits you, iBillingual has something for everyone to enjoy!

i2kiddo Classes

For the newest teaching environment at i2 Education, we have i2 Kiddo. While iBillingual focuses primarily on English immersion through small and exclusively foreign taught classes, i2 Kiddo focuses on fostering a bilingual learning environment through larger classes taught by both a foreign and a Chinese teacher. Even with these changes, i2 Kiddo is fundamentally the same as iBillingual, with the same core values and vision. Aside from larger classroom sizes, teachers can also enjoy integrated technology in their classrooms. Interactive whiteboards, for example, are standard in all i2 Kiddo classrooms. Larger classes, a mixture of foreign and local teachers, and an ability to use technology in the classroom allow teachers to foster an immersive English environment both offline in the classroom and online at home.

Phenomenon-Based Learning Classes

Where iBillingual and i2 Kiddo help us to foster our student’s English skills inside the classroom, PBL classes (Phenomenon Based Learning) help bring English classes to the real world. Such classes allow students to develop 21st-century skills outside of the classroom. When teaching a PBL class, teachers will get the opportunity to experience new and exciting scenarios with their students. Fencing, kayaking, helicopter riding, and karting – these are just a few examples of PBLs that i2 Education has held in the past, and the list of topics is ever-expanding. Through PBL classes, teachers are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance their teaching abilities through real-life scenarios. Additionally, teachers are also given the prospect of exploring and embracing China from new perspectives, allowing them to obtain new skills and make life-long memories together with their students. To find out more about PBLs, click here.

Summer and Winter Camp Classes

Once our teachers are given the opportunity to develop their skills in the classroom, it will be time for them to prepare for one of our bi-annual camps, be it Winter Camp and Summer Camp. These camps are short-term intensive courses that are an effective way of enhancing our student’s language skills. These camps have various topics, meaning that no teacher must ever do the same thing. Phonics, Reading, STEM, and International Club are just a few of the camps that have been held in recent years. Our Winter and Summer Camps are a fantastic opportunity for teachers to further broaden their teaching horizons. STEM club, for example, helps students to experience English through the world of science and technology, while International Club provides students with the opportunity to learn more about their teachers and the countries they come from. Whichever club you teach, it will surely be an unforgettable experience.

English Drama Classes

Out of all the camps held during Winter and Summer, the Drama Course is one of the most special. Every year, i2 Education holds a Drama Competition, and every year we are graced with a variety of amazingly well-thought-out and acted plays. Where did our students learn these skills, you ask? Why, in our very own Drama Course! Our Drama Courses are an excellent opportunity for teachers and students alike to express themselves creatively. The course prioritizes pronunciation, enunciation, and fluency, with the additional benefit of teaching our students to have the confidence to use English creatively. When it comes time for the Drama Competition, teachers and parents get to see our students in a new light, witnessing not only their growth and progress in English but also in their confidence, creativity, group work, and artistry.

Outside of teaching, there are many opportunities for growth within i2 Education. From when they start, teachers are given plenty of support from management to help them become the best possible teachers. Given time, those teachers can eventually climb the corporate ladder to become managers themselves. With great support, variety in teaching environments, and the opportunity for growth, there has never been a better time to join i2 Education! So join us now, and together we can strive towards the vision and “Become the Leader of Children’s Education in Asia”!

By Connor Ferguson