Why choose i2 International Institute of Education?
We are one of the largest and most respected training centers in China. Founded in 2011, i2 provides internationalized education to ten thousands of students in an all-foreign-teacher environment.
i2 (International Institute of Education) is committed to providing students with a personalized elite growth program in an educational environment with foreign teachers,small group classes of 4-6 students, and Phenomenon Base Learning (PBL) . It has established 92 campuses in 12 provinces and 18 cities in China, and served tens of thousands of students with a quality international education.There are more than 600 foreign teachers. Furthermore, i2 has been rated as: the “Most Influential Foreign Languages Training Organization”, the “Most Influential Educational Group” and the “Famous Brand of Young Learners English”.
To allow students to access international language training resources in their home country, i² International Institute of Education has always kept pace with the most advanced teaching concepts in the world. In early 2017, it launched the “iWonderful International Elite Development Program” which was jointly developed by domestic and foreign experts after nearly a year’s effort. Riding a growing wave of international education, the program relied on the world-class Macmillan graded curriculum system, which is designed to cultivate international elites with great competence in advanced cross-cultural understanding, communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills and to further enhance their overall international competitiveness.
Make our children bilingual
Leading the way in Education for our Youth
Why choose us?
We are a well known training school in China. We support foreign teachers from day one. Our group classes are easy to manage. We have Phenomenon Base Leaning to step into a real world outside of the classroom. We have a foreign teachers' community to help and support each other. Here are other benefits:
Available Jobs
English Teacher
Foreign Manager
English Teacher
- Teaching kids English from 2 - 12 years old
Basketball/Soccer/Tennis Coach in Chengdu
Teaching kids basketball/Tennis/soccer
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