If you’re thinking of moving to Nanning or visiting in the near future there is an endless number of things to see and do in the city. To help you get better acquainted with places of interest nearby, I asked some of the teachers at my center what their favorite trips have been for quick weekend relaxation. Keep reading for some ideas from teachers working at i2 Bandao Campus in Nanning.


Beihai – Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island has everything you need if you’re into active vacations. Hiking, snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba diving are just some of the possibilities.  

One of the most recommended and must-do trips, while you’re in Nanning, is heading to Beihai, and specifically get on a ferry to Weizhou Island. Beihai has one of the longest beaches in China and a huge tourist scene. During the busier months, I would highly recommend hopping on a 1.5-hour ferry to Weizhou Island. It is a dormant volcanic island with some of the cleanest, bluest, and most pristine waters in China. Our teacher Patra from i2 Education Nanning says that “Driving e-bikes around the island was magical. We spent a week relaxing on the beach, enjoying our villa, and eating delicious seafood.” During the National Holiday break over 15 of our teachers were on the Island enjoying what Weizhou has to offer.


Our teacher Denel loved her hotel and view; it was the perfect birthday getaway.

In the 1970s China was a major destination for travelers and international hippy communities wandering throughout Asia. One of the main destinations for this pilgrimage was Yangshuo. This long history of international travelers continues to this day, which is evident when you notice how many street vendors, shop owners, and locals speak English. Yangshuo is best known for its unique mountain formations and the Li River which runs from Guilin to Yangshuo and beyond. Our teacher Denel had this to say “Guilin has amazing hotels with beautiful river views at an affordable price. There is also an ancient town with lots of souvenirs you can buy for family and friends.” 


Foshan has photo opportunities at every corner, our teacher Ashton is a photography lover and says the pictures she took of Nan Hai Temple are some of her favorites.


Foshan has the beautiful Nan Hai Temple you can visit. Known for its amazing global food scene, Foshan has something for everyone’s taste. It hosts multiple international food festivals like the Italian food festival that features some of the best pasta in the east. Foshan is on the way to Guangzhou as well, so once you’re done checking out the sights in Foshan you can take the metro that connects both cities. 


Guangzhou not only has all of the modern luxuries you could wish for, but it also offers historical and cultural wonders for you to feast your eyes on.

Just a short 2.5-hour fast train ride away; Guangzhou, the third-largest city in China, is a bustling metropolis with plenty to do. Every foodie knows that Cantonese food is a must-try. There is nowhere better to get a taste of old Canton than Guangzhou, boasting the oldest and most established dim sum and changfen (rice noodle rolls) restaurants in the country. The Canton Tower, Yuexiu Park, Huacheng Square, and Chimelong Adventure Parks are just a couple of the places to see in Guangzhou. A truly unique spot in the city is Shamian Island, a small slice of Europe in China. There are over 100 British and French colonial-style buildings and lovely tree-lined walkways to explore. 

Da Ming Shan

This place is the perfect getaway for nature lovers!

Our foreign teacher Hannah could not stop raving about how peaceful her trip to Da Ming Shan was, she had this to say: “A river runs through a beautiful valley where you can take a dip to cool off on the Guangxi summer heat. The water is so clear, you can see the most amazing rock types and relax. There are restaurants along the way and picturesque picnic spots.” Guangxi has many options for nature lovers and Da Ming Shan is one of the best. There are bubble pods where you can stay overnight and experience nature in a modern way.

What are your favorite destinations in and around Nanning? Comment below and let us know!

By: Christian Lopez