A major city of Sichuan Province




5 – 29°C / 41 – 84°F



Located in the Greater Shangri-La Tourist Circle

The “Space Rocket City” of China

Xichang is located in the mountainous region in the south of Sichuan province. With a population of about 700 thousand people, Xichang is the capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Xichang is famous as a “Space City” in China as it hosts Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

Xichang is also known as a small “spring city”. Influenced by the tropical monsoon climate, Xichang has mild weather throughout the year. Having warm winters and cool summers Xichang residents enjoy the spring-like weather most time of the year.

Xichang is an important node on the Greater Shangri-La Tourist Circle and the Sichuan-Yunnan Tourist Golden Route. Xichang offers wonderful scenery being home to Qionghai. the second-largest freshwater lake in Sichuan province. The lake area is surrounded by mountains and picturesque parks where residents can enjoy nature and observe the stunning landscape.

Being rich in tourism resources and natural beauty, Xichang has been named China’s Excellent Tourism City, China’s Top Ten Most Beautiful Ancient Cities, China’s Five Most Beautiful Health Habitats, and China’s Most Desirable Places for Tourism.

Being a fast-growing city, Xichang experiences modernization and urbanization over the past ten years. Improved infrastructure, convenient transportation, and business districts characterize today’s Xichang.

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