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The most romantic leisure city in China

Xiamen is called “Hawaii of the East”

Xiamen is a major city in Fujian Province in southeastern China. The city is made up of several small islands and areas on the mainland, in and around Xiamen Bay. Xiamen is emerging as one of China’s most sophisticated cities. Xiamen residents and visitors have long enjoyed the lure of its lengthy seaside promenade and European city architecture. The exotic architecture of Xiamen also gives a distinct character to the city.

This liveable and lovable city is home to 4 million people bustling amid Buddhist temples, art galleries, parks, and beautiful beaches. Known as the “garden on the sea”, Xiamen has a beautiful harbor, close to several offshore islands. One such island is Gulangyu, a peaceful bohemian oasis that is vehicle-free.

Delicious seafood and Fujian cuisine can be found all around town, and you can nibble on juicy dumplings or glass noodles while walking along one of Xiamen’s exciting streets or simply basking in the sun. If you are looking for international food, Xiamen will not disappoint you either. There are many restaurants with Italian, Mexican, Indian, and American food, as well as amazing pubs and bars where you can enjoy authentic cuisines and meet other foreigners.

Known for its mild climate, Xiamen is regarded as the most romantic leisure city in China. It is definitely a haven for artistic and creative individuals and anyone who places an emphasis on the quality of life.

i2 Education opened the first center in Xiamen in 2014, and now there are 4 campuses located on the island. At the moment, our campuses in Xiamen have more than 1200 students in total and 30 foreign teachers who enjoy their time in Xiamen.

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