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Taiyuan is abundant in natural resources

Has a history of 2,500 years+

Taiyuan is the capital and biggest city of Shanxi province. Throughout its long history of more than 2500 years, Taiyuan was the capital of many dynasties in China. Located in the middle of the province, it has always been a significant political, military, scientific, and religious center of the Northern part of China.

Taiyuan is known for its abundance of natural resources including coal, iron, limestone, marble, gold, and others. Moreover, the municipality of Taiyuan has a huge forest and grassland area that covers more than 420 square km. This made Taiyuan one of the greatest industrial and manufacturing cities in China.

In addition to its important role in energy and industrial production, Taiyuan is also famous for its cultural and historical heritage. Thousands of tourists visit Taiyuan to see magnificent temples, ancient buildings, grottoes, museums, and relics. The symbol of Taiyuan is the Twin Pagoda Temple that dates back to the 16th century being the tallest set of twin pagodas in China. Moreover, the city is considered a center of education and research being home to notable universities and academies.

Today Taiyuan is a cosmopolitan and modern city that also serves as one of the transportation hubs in North China. With highways linking neighboring provincial cities, and airlines to most other major cities, Taiyuan is certainly one of the most developed transportation hubs in China.

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