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The world’s fastest growing city in the past 40 years

Shenzhen is called “China’s Silicon Valley”

Shenzhen is a major sub-provincial coastal city in the south of Guangdong Province, neighboring Hong Kong. Benefiting from the superior location and China’s Opening-Up Reform, Shenzhen has become a modern and international city since 1978. From a small country town, Shenzhen has developed into a big, vibrant, ultra-modern metropolis just over the last 40 years.

Today Shenzhen is considered the innovation hub of China and is often called ‘China Silicon’ gathering more than 14,000 high-tech companies. Being a modern and prosperous city, Shenzhen is home to many migrants from other provinces and even countries who come to Shenzhen for job and life opportunities. The city boasts a high level of infrastructure, a convenient and well-developed transportation system, wonderful parks and entertainment places, international cuisines, and of course a beautiful coastline.

Even though you won’t find as many authentic and historical attractions in Shenzhen as in other famous cities in China, Shenzhen offers mind-blowing theme parks that not only entertain but also teach visitors about China. For example, if you are keen to learn about Chinese long history and explore various cultures of different ethnic minorities, Shenzhen’s China-Folk Culture Villages is the best place to do it. Besides, if you want to see wonders from different countries, Shenzhen’s Window of the World Park gives you an amazing chance to wander around famous landmarks from all over the world.

If you love water sports and crave some quality time at the beach, Shenzhen has stunning spots for swimming, snorkeling, and even surfing! Besides, there are many places for jogging, hiking, and cycling where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature of Shenzhen. You will surely never be bored in Shenzhen as it is always growing, expanding, and bringing new experiences for its residents and visitors.

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