Capital of
Guangxi Region




15 – 32°C / 59 – 89°F


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Located 160km from the border with Vietnam

Nanning is often called “China’s Green City”

Nanning is the capital and the biggest city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Due to its proximity to Vietnam, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau, Nanning is not only a commercial and economic center of the region, but also a major political, administrative, financial, and cultural city in Southern China.

Having a humid subtropical climate, Nanning has gained a reputation of the “Green City of China”. Numerous city parks with rich greenery and an abundance of plant species throughout the city make Nanning one of the greenest cities in the whole country.

Upon your arrival in Nanning, you will surely notice that the lifestyle here is slow and very relaxed, and is the attitude of the residents. However, despite being a laid-back city, it has a lot to offer, and you will never feel bored here. You can wander around to see old buildings and churches, visit food night markets, observe traditions of multiple ethnic minorities, relax at one of the bookshops, or have a drink with your friends at a bar. On the weekends, you can easily explore cities nearby by hopping on a bus or trainNanning’s advantageous location makes traveling really easy and available.

Nanning is home to many various cuisines from around China and abroad. If you consider yourself a foodie, Nanning might be the city for you – Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, European, Mexican, Indian, and other types of restaurants are waiting for you.

Nanning has low living expenses, thus, working here as an English teacher you will certainly have a chance to save up money and explore the beautiful spots nearby.

i2 Education has 8 campuses in Nanning. All campuses are located in the Qingxiu district, which is famous for its natural scenes. Our teachers enjoy living in that area, and they love to gather after work and spend time together. In Nanning, we love to organize interesting outdoor classes (PBL) to see our kids enjoying their English learning in a different environment. Apply now and join our amazing team in Nanning!

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