Capital of Hainan Province




19 – 28°C / 66 – 82°F


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A tropical coastal city with perfect weather and air

White sandy beaches and amazing rainforests

Haikou is the most populous and the capital city of Hainan province in southern China. There are 2 million residents in the built-up area all living within the four urban districts of the city. Haikou was originally an important port. Today, the majority of the island’s trade still goes through Haikou docks.

Being greener and clearer than most Chinese cities, Haikou is a popular tourist destination for many Chinese people and foreigners. Haikou is known for the abundance of coconut trees, amazing air quality, and one of the best ecological environments in China. During the past few years, large-scale city improvements have been successfully implemented in Haikou making it an environmentally friendlier and more comfortable city. Such initiatives have drastically improved the city traffic, commerce, roads and sidewalks, construction and demolition. Today, Haikou is considered one of the most livable cities in China.

A tropical coastal city, Haikou attracts thousands of Chinese people from all over the country who move and settle here for a more relaxed lifestyle. Nowadays, Haikou is the most developed city on Hainan Island with busy traffic, skyscrapers, business centers, universities, and international cuisines. However, despite the fast development and growth, Haikou has preserved its laid-back atmosphere. Haikou boasts beautiful coastal landscapes, white-sand beaches, and diverse flora and fauna.

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