Capital of Guizhou Province




4°C – 23°F / 39 °C – 76°F


iBilingual – 08

i2 Kiddo – 01

First National Forest City in China

Home to 36 various ethnic minorities

Guiyang is the capital of China’s southwestern Guizhou province and is famous for having ethnic diversity, rich cuisine, and multiple festivals. Guiyang can be described as an unpretentious, relatively youthful provincial capital under seemingly continual construction. The city never stops growing and developing, offering more and more places of interest and opportunities to its residents.

Guiyang is famous for its colorful culture, represented by various ethnic groups. Therefore, you can see uncommon local traditions, bright costumes, street dancing, and many more interesting activities happening on the streets of Guiyang. Besides, the city has a unique architecture combining traditional, modern and even futuristic buildings in one unusual landscape.

Guiyang is also known for its amazing air quality and very green environment among all the cities in the country. A city with a humid subtropical climate, Guiyang has a hilly landscape and is surrounded by mountains and forest. Moreover, there are many natural places around Guiyang that are worth visiting – waterfalls, caves, lakes, mountains and cliffs. If you love nature or want to explore traditional ancient villages, you will definitely enjoy living and working in Guiyang.

Guiyang has outstanding traditional southwestern food which originally comes from the “Miao” minor ethic group. Apart from the tasty traditional local food, there are many good western restaurants and coffee shops that provide delicious western food and amazing beverages.

i2 Education has 11 campuses in Guizhou province with 9 campuses in Guiyang, 1 campus in Liupanshui, and 1 campus in Kaili. The latter two cities are very small, but life there is relaxed and comfortable. i2 Education campuses in Guizhou are known for their great teacherscommunity where everyone works as a true team.

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