By Liezl Van Wyk

Let’s Talk Money! Teaching English in China is one of the most exciting decisions that you can make for yourself. But usually, the big question on everyone’s lips is “What will my salary be?”

Earning money in China will not always be the same as earning back home. China is one of the places where the cost of living is relatively low, so your teaching salary could go a long way. As an average, the typical salary of both private and public institutions is between 12 000 RMB to 16 000 RMB, and depending on your skills and experience you can earn a bit more money, as well as where you will be living in China, salaries might differ a little bit.

At i2 Education, not only do we offer a competitive salary much higher than that at other ESL institutions in China, but we always appreciate our staff’s efforts through various bonuses and rewards! We make sure that every teacher at i2 Education receives both company recognition and financial stability. Working at i2 Education you will have enough resources to travel to the places you’ve always wanted to explore, to buy goods from your wish lists without second thoughts, and to save enough to have a great foundation for your future.

What i2 Education offers to you money-wise for a Foreign Teacher’s position:

• A competitive salary

• Achievable quarterly bonuses

• Monthly performance bonuses

• Contract completion bonus

• Bonuses for signing up new students (Demos)

• Flight allowance

• Housing allowance

And loads more! Our salaries include a variety of benefits to attract the best talent. Let’s have a look at the different costs of living in China to give you an idea of what you can expect to get with your money. (All numbers represent the Renminbi (RMB), which is the official Chinese currency)