i2 Education offers a wide variety of teaching resources as our classes are focused on hands-on learning. We strive to deliver interesting and effective classes to our students; offer the opportunity to use language in many different ways and spark creativity, not just for the students but also for our teachers.

Here are just a few of the examples that you will have available to use in your classes:

Lesson-Planning Books

Lesson planning is one of the required duties of our teachers. We provide lesson-planning books where you are given the flexibility to be creative and produce interactive lessons that will engage all students throughout the stages of the lesson. Lesson plans are essential to help you keep track of what is happening in your classes; what language to teach and to ensure the course map and curriculum of i2 Education is being followed.

Books, Workbooks & Teachers Guide

There are digital and hard copies of the student’s books and workbooks available on campus to support you when planning lessons. The ‘Big books’ are one of the most loved books on campus – they are the perfect resource to read stories from – pictures are bigger and brighter; words are clearer, and the pictures look as big as the students!


Flashcards are available for all of the books, units, and lessons. They can be used for teaching or reviewing grammar and vocabulary; as well as playing some cool flashcard games to keep energy levels high!

i2 Education Card Packs

i2 Education has developed specialized playing cards that are tailored to fit our curriculum and books. There are a variety of tutorials on how to use them!


Playdough is such a versatile material to use. Learners are able to practice fine motor skills by using playdough in lessons. You can spell words; make shapes; build words and even do some math! The power of playdough is endless if you put your mind to it.


Be creative and messy… Yes, we allow learners to explore textures; experiment with colors, and create their own work. It’s not about the end product but the process they are going through to develop some core skills and learn English in a fun way!

Toy Food, Animals, Transportations

In i2 Education’s curriculum and books, we learn about various topics, and what better way to do that through imagination and play! Use these items as an alternative to flashcard games and be more hands-on. Learners are able to take part in transactional roleplays using these props.


You will always have enough stationary for your class to facilitate activities. Markers, colored pens and pencils, craft paper, and imagination can make wonders in class!

Sticky Balls

1,2,3…. Throw and stick! There are tons of activities you can do with sticky balls; you can keep it simple or spice it up by tying a piece of ribbon to it and have a fishing game!

Gross-Motor Skills Materials

We have materials available on campus not to just develop fine motor skills but also gross motor skills. You can use these items to build an obstacle course; big group games or keep it simple. Hula-hoops for sorting games; tunnels for our playground – all to name a few of our campus resources. Just think outside the box!

Your OWN Classroom

YES! No travelling between classes and no running from one room to the next! You have your own space! You can keep all your materials in your classroom and be relaxed between classes because you have all your materials available at your fingertips!


Role-play is one of the things we like to focus on at i2 Education. Getting dressed as a nurse or a doctor and using the targeted language for the profession’s unit, helps the learners remember more. It makes it more interesting and attractive for students to want to talk and use English more frequently in class.

Craft Supplies

Some lessons require you to be a bit more creative – having craft supplies at hand is always important! From A3 paper to colored paper; glue and scissors to make your studentswork look more attractive and keep them engaged.

Concept Mats

Big mats that fit our books’ content are available on campus for kids to explore and elicit language and even learn some incidental words or phrases as well!

Interactive Whiteboards

At our i2 Kiddo campuses, each classroom has an interactive whiteboard that helps you teach English through digital games and activities. The variety of games, songs, videos, and exercises that you can use on interactive whiteboards is just limitless!

When you have all the tools you need to teach a lesson, you can deliver exciting, interesting, and fun classes no matter what the age of the students are!

By Liezl Van Wyk