As expats, one of the biggest challenges we face is fear of the unknown. Change can be daunting and nerve-wracking especially when it involves moving to a new country. One of my biggest worries when moving to China was navigating life in a new country where I do not speak the language or know anyone. Keep reading to find out about how we work hard to facilitate a smooth transition for all of our teachers. Whether it be for a new teacher coming from outside of the country or from a different city within China, we want your fresh start to be a great one.


So, it’s the big day, time to move to a new place and start a new job as an English teacher! It is always a mix of emotions; excitement, anxiety, eagerness, and anticipation of what is ahead. Our recruitment and HR team have done everything they can at this point to liaison with you regarding flight, hotel stay, and everything you will need to know when it comes to immigration to China or what to expect at your new city in China.

Once you have arrived you are usually greeted by your Foreign Affairs Manager and/or City Academic Manager to ensure everything has gone smoothly. During this time there are several people within the city who help with getting you oriented. There are City Trainers who help with academic orientation and class expectations. Your Foreign Academic Manager helps you get acquainted with expectations in your center. Senior Teachers and other Foreign Teachers help to get you used to life in the city and what expats do for fun!

Getting Familiar with your Surroundings

Once you are in your center your MT (teaching advisor) is your best friend! In fact, all of the local staff become an invaluable lifeline for getting used to living in China. Whether it be setting up your online shopping accounts, updating your delivery address for waimai (takeout), or translating documents the local staff at your center are happy to help. It is such a relief having so many people who are willing and eager to set us up for success.

Continued Support

No matter how short or long your time is with us, we ensure that you continue to get the support you need. Our management teams care a lot about work-life balance and creating social opportunities through team-building activities, informal parties, and chances for like-minded individuals to get together. Whether it be a city social committee, hiking club, social media content creation team, or other hobbies that take you from surviving in China to thriving in China.

Our main priority is to make sure that our staff are content with their job and happy living in China. We strive to create an inclusive, diverse, and positive working environment for all. I am personally and eternally indebted to team members who helped me find the best nightlife in Nanning, where to get a good haircut, and where to find shoes that actually fit me! It is all a part of the expat journey. We all pass along nuggets of wisdom to new teachers in hopes that they’ll do the same when their time comes. We hope you get to be a part of this tradition of support and community building.

By: Christian Lopez