Foreign Academic Manager

Job Responsibilities

The main responsibility of the Foreign Academic Manager is to ensure the development of the school/campus, which includes that the teaching quality of all lessons within i2 Education attains the standards of i2 Education curriculum system and that all foreign teachers follow i2 Education procedures. Along with these, the FT management must assist principals in the procurement of target completions.

- Deliver classes to the highest standards.
- Organize teacher-training workshops.
- Participate in various activities.
- Assist the school’s promotions.


1. Basic salary: 20,000+ RMB per month (before tax);

2. Bonus system

   a. Quarterly Business Target Completion Bonus;

   b. Quarterly Income Target Completion Bonus;

   c. Bonus of New Teacher Referral;

   d. Contract Completion Bonus;

3. Allowance system

a. Housing allowance;

b. Flight allowance;

c. Sign-in allowance;

4. Other benefits

a. Visa support: provide legal residence permit;

b. Medical & accident insurance;

c. Paid holiday:

d. Nursing Leave:

e. Maternity Leave:

f. Professional training;

g. Opportunities for promotion;

h. Airport pick-up, free hotel upon arrival, team building, etc.

5. Special Benefits for teachers who have or want to bring nuclear family to China.

a. Medical & accident insurance: for foreign spouse and lineal relatives in China.

b. Housing allowance for children,

c. Local education allowance for children,