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By Brandon Bicknese | 24 December 2020 | 2 Comments

My Story with i2 Education by Brandon

I’ve been at i2 Education for over a year now and the time does fly. It seems like just yesterday I was in Melbourne, Australia visiting my brother, sitting in a Starbucks, having my final interview with someone who would soon become one of my good friends. Shortly after I received notification that I got the job. Two weeks later I was walking out of the arrivals area at Gaoqi Intl Airport to a nice lady with a sign with my name on it and some flowers. We got in a cab and my new life in China at i2 Education had begun.

From what I gather, i2 Education seems to be near the top of the pyramid when it comes to quality English Training Center companies in China. Their standards for teachers are high, but so are their benefits.  If you’re looking to just show up and give half prepped lessons and get by on just being a westerner who can speak English, i2 Education is not the place for you. If, and think about this, you’re willing to work hard, grow professionally, work within a team of like-minded people from all over the world, and give it your best effort, then i2 Education just might be what you’re looking for. I felt like I was working at a place that challenged me every day to be my best. For me, this was what I had hoped I was getting into when I said yes to the job offer.

That’s not to say it’s all work and no play. Like I said, from day 1 in China, I’ve felt taken care of by i2 Education. Coming to a country you’ve never been to, not speaking the language, can be overwhelming. The company has supported me every step of the way. They did everything necessary to get me a Work Visa and Residence Permit. They’ve helped me find an apartment. They help me in pretty much every aspect of my life here in China. We do monthly team building activities that range from going to an amusement park to renting a villa out to have an all-day party. The salary is great; the bonuses are even better. I just finished my first contract and the bonus at the end helped me upgrade to a very nice apartment for the next year.

Coming from working with children in America for almost ten years, I had started to question if I still wanted to be an educator. Working at i2 Education reignited my passion for teaching. The children here are amazing. The energy and positivity they bring really get me going when I’m not at my best. Are they perfect little angels all the time? Absolutely not, but what kid is? On the whole, though, they are more well behaved than the kids I taught and interacted with back home. They come to class because they want to be here, not because they have to, and for me, that makes a world of difference.

I was asked to write about my story here at i2 Education and I found myself not being able to stop coming up with things I could say. The issue with trying to be concise is that my story at i2 Education is far from over. My partner has now joined me at i2 Education and we plan on staying here in China for the foreseeable future.

There’s so much more I can say, but instead I’ll simply encourage you to create your own i2 Education story.

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