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By Zanmarie Snyman | 16 February 2021 | 0 Comments

My Career Growth with i2 Education

My time with i2 Education has been a life-changing experience in the most positive way. My journey started when my mother had a dream to become a teacher to improve the quality of education and mould the next generation, but could unfortunately not have fulfilled her own dream. I promised her in her last moments that I will change the world through education. I obtained my BCom marketing degree through the North-West University of Potchefstroom in South Africa, took the leap, and moved to Dubai in 2017 where my eyes opened to a new world of traveling and experiencing different cultures.

In 2018 I relocated to Nanning, China, where my English education journey started. When I arrived in Nanning, I was lovingly received and welcomed by a family of the Nanning i2 team. In the beginning, the language and cultural differences were quite a challenge, but hurdles have never stopped me from achieving my dream. i2 Education allowed me to have Chinese language classes and the Chinese staff familiarized and included me in the culture and the city where I fell in love with China.

It has not always been smooth sailing throughout the past years working in China nonetheless my colleagues have adapted a culture within i2 Education of being warm, caring, and providing a helping hand. I2 Education appreciates their teachers and the methods of showing it are through recognitions of the smallest achievements and appreciation therefore allowed me to want to grow further as a teacher. Hard work does not go unforeseen and after working for a year and a half towards my professional growth, i2 Education promoted me to a Foreign Academic Supervisor that gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with fellow foreign teachers and Chinese staff.

During the pandemic, it has been quite difficult not only in China but across the world. However, i2 Education adapted their methods of education and quickly developed an online teaching platform to ensure that both their clients and staff remained informed and continued with the English education of the next generation. I2 Education paid us our full salaries throughout the economic strain displaying how much they appreciate us and want to keep us as part of the team.

This experience showed me that with a bit of faith and aspiration, my dreams can be achieved and are exceeding far more of what I could have ever anticipated it to be and what I can become. Even though I am far away from home, i2 Education not only provided me with a career but also allowed me to have a new i2 family in China.

I would recommend any professional that is in a slump in their career or looking for something new or just has a passion for education to come and join us in China and start a new exciting life-changing journey.

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