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By Roché Wienand | 14 August 2020 | 0 Comments

1 Year Chinaversary: Q&A with Roché

A year ago Roché Wienand got on a plane from South Africa to China and started the journey of a lifetime as an English Teacher in the vibrant city of Chengdu. We caught up with Roché to find out what her past year in China was like.


What were you most nervous about before coming to China?

Definitely leaving my family and everything I know behind and coming to the unknown. I was a farm-girl moving to the big city, and that was quite scary. Luckily technology helps on those days when you miss home.

Have you managed to make any close friends in your year at i2 Education?

Yes! Absolutely! I have made friends for life here. They are my abroad family. As an. Expat in China , you’ll have to accept that some friends will not stay forever and and will leave at some point to embark on new journeys.  So enjoy every moment you have!

How do you usually spend your days off in China?

Definitely having fun with my friends exploring the city. There is so much to do in Chengdu! I love trying out some new things and places. Also, going on nice walks and adventures with my dog Pepper.

What was the most awkward moment you ever experienced in China?

Let's just say two mojitos later and I was on crutches for a few weeks. 

Why did you decide to stay for a second year at i2 Education?

We are all lifetime students. Its important to find happiness – and I'm happy at i2. I enjoy being a teacher and I feel supported. I don’t need to go looking for it somewhere else. I know my time here in China and at i2 Education is not over yet.


Which has been your favorite holiday destination in China?

Because of COVID-19 a lot of my travel plans were canceled. But I must say Emeishan is beautiful. It's a quick escape from the busy city of Chengdu. You’ll get to relax in hot springs with the amazing view of mountains and waterfalls. Absolute bliss!


What has been the highlight of your time teaching English abroad?

Definitely the travel opportunities that living in  China presents itself with. I would say my highlight of the year was traveling to Thailand during Chinese New Year. It's only a 4 hour flight away from Chengdu and it was an amazing adventure! I got to see and experience awesome things from, parasailing, islands hopping, riding an elephant and relaxing on the sunny beach of Patong. If you love travelling, you’ll love China. 

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