How much money will I make?
On average, teachers will make about $37,384 USD a year. The cost of living in China is only about $13,100 USD for a very good standard of living.

               Other benefits include the following terms but not limited to them:

             1. Legal Z work visa support

             2. Flight allowance and sign-in bonus provided

             3. Housing allowance provided

             4. Hospitalization and accident provided

             5. Chinese language courses provided

             6. Performance bonuses and contract completion bonus

I have never lived abroad before. Will it be difficult to adjust?

No. It shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust. We have a community of over 5000+ foreign teachers in China to help and support each other.  We have our  own social network for teachers to ask questions and look for assistance. Along with that, we have organized social and cultural events for our teachers to help them meet other teachers and to understand Chinese culture.


Can I apply at any time during the year?

Yes. We hire all-year round as we don’t follow the traditional school terms, so you can apply whenever you’ll be ready to work abroad.


What costs are associated with i2?

Initially you're responsible for paying for your flight to China, but i2 will provide you flight allowance for twice for 1 year full time contract. You also   need to pay your working visa which happens out of China. If you need to renew it, i2 will cover those costs. You're also responsible for paying for your housing and living expenses, but we provide a monthly housing stipend and a competitive salary to enjoy day-to-day life in China.

 Is housing arranged?
Don't worry! We're here to help you every step of the way! From the moment you land, i2 will take care of you. We'll provide temporary accommodations when you first land and help you find an apartment, communicate with landlords, and sign your lease. And as part of your pay, we provide a generous housing allowance to help you pay rent.


I've never taught English before. Will I be able to do it?

If you have experience working with children, whether tutoring, teaching, coaching, or babysitting, we feel confident that you'll be able to adopt the skills necessary to instruct a successful class.


What's the social life like?

 There's no shortage of things to do while you're teaching in China with i2!

              Our campuses are all in cities full of great nightlife, delicious food, and fun cultural activities. You and your fellow teachers will have many opportunities to explore and enjoy China together!


What will I be teaching?
i2 offers a range of courses, and depending on your educational background, you might be qualified to teach:

                • Language (English)

               • Sports coaching (Soccer, Basketball, Tennis)

               • Arts (Painting, Dancing, Drama)

  I have more questions. What should I do?

Don’t worry. The best thing to do is apply so that we have all your details and can make sure you meet the visa requirements. Once we know that, one of our recruiters will contact you for an initial chat before moving to interview. This is the best time to ask those initial questions, others can be asked at interview.