Yueyang Schools

Yueyang, formerly known as Baling and Yuezhou, is the second-largest economy and vice-central city in Hunan province. Founded in 505 BC, it is a famous cultural city with a long history of more than 2500 years. Located in the south of the Yangtze River, Dongting Lake, according to the Yangtze River, Na, Hunan, and four rivers, the river and lake converge, is a place with rich resources, superior location, and beautiful scenery. It is not only the main transportation route between north and south, east and west in China, the first batch of places open along the Yangtze River by the State Council, but also the important regional central city.



Yueyang has very convenient transportation. The national traffic arteries of the Yangtze River, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Menghua Railway (under construction), Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Highway and Hangzhou-Rui Highway are interwoven into a network in the urban area. The nearby Huanghua International Airport commutes frequently every day. 


Yueyang is the only international trade port city in Hunan, and also a famous port city in China. Yueyang Port is a transitional international container port along the Yangtze River and a port of departure approved by the State Council. It also has regular direct sea and ocean relay routes with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, ASEAN, Australia, and other regions and countries, and has a national comprehensive bonded area.

Yueyang, with its profound humanities and beautiful scenery, integrates famous mountains, waters, buildings, celebrities, and literary works. It is one of the important origins of Chinese culture and also a famous tourist attraction at home and abroad. 

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