Zhengzhou School

       Zhengzhou, the Henan Province provincial capital, is the Chinese important interior open city and the historical city. North Zhengzhou is near Yellow River, south depends on Mt. Songshan, west neighbour 13 dynasty ancient capital Luoyang, east neighbour seven dynasty ancient capital Kaifeng, south neighbour Three Kingdom era cao wei former capital Xuchang, Zhengzhou is in itself also Chinese one of eight big ancient capitals.
      The Zhengzhou history is glorious, the culture is bright, the tourist resources are rich. The shaft
Yellow Emperor native place, the Pei Ligang cultural remains site, the river village ruins, the summer Yangcheng ruins, the commercial city ruins and so on have recorded she more than 8000 years history of civilization, by the Yellow River tour area, big village ruins Yellow River primarily had the Chinese characteristic culture traveling group and by Shaolin Temple, the Mt. Songshan country forest park Mt. Songshan scenic spot area primarily has increased the infinite charm for Zhengzhou.
       i2 Zhengzhou school are waiting for you.
: at the northeast corner of the intersection of guoji road and jinbei road, jinshui district, Zhengzhou city.