Teaching With Us

As an English teacher, you are expected to give good quality and fun lessons to our students. At i2 Education we provide you with the curriculum and you have complete freedom to execute it according to your own teaching style. You will teach small group classes with a maximum of 6 students where you can use various types of interaction patterns to engage each and every student and to have a conducive learning atmosphere. Apart from teaching classes, you will also have an opportunity to enhance your academic knowledge and keep pace with the latest educational trends - at i2 Education, we conduct training or workshops for our teachers and managers every two weeks. These kinds of events, as well as quarterly team-building activities, will help you meet new people from all over the world and make lifelong friends that will share amazing memories with you in China!

Our English courses are based on an award-winning curriculum, detailing the content that needs to be taught and offering ideas on what activities and games to play in class. This provides our teachers with ample support. As you get more experienced in teaching the offered curriculum, you have more freedom to decide how you would like to implement your lessons. Each campus has a huge variety of teaching resources, such as toys, games, flashcards, crafts, worksheets, digital packs, and other materials that can support you in delivering entertaining lessons.

Initial Teacher Training: Your first week with us will consist of induction training sessions at our headquarters in Guangzhou. This will acquaint you with our educational products, teaching philosophy and methods, as well as provide a glimpse into daily campus life and life in China. During the 5-day induction training, you will receive teaching fundamentals to let you feel equipped for life as an ESL teacher. We make sure that our training is not only informative and relevant but also fun and interactive, where teachers get to practice their skills and encounter real-life classroom scenarios.
Ongoing Training: The training and development team at i2 Headquarters provide professional and academic support to our teachers and managers on a weekly basis to make sure we maintain high teaching quality across our campuses. We facilitate ongoing academic training on a national level for all i2 teachers, in addition to weekly campus-level training and mentorship from campus managers and peer-mentors. Our trainers and managers are quick to react to any educational concerns that teachers experience in the classroom, therefore, our training programs are designed to meet actual teachers’ needs.  

At i2 Education we pay due attention to the professional development and career growth of our teachers, focusing on finding talents among our staff. We strive to develop our teachers and give them an opportunity to build their careers at i2 Education. Thus, whether you are interested in management and leading a team, or you would like to become a trainer yourself, you will always have an opportunity to do it at i2 Education.

You’ll teach students aged 2 - 9 years old who are energetic and ready to have fun in the classroom. Even though this age range seems to be a bit challenging for those who have never worked with such students before, you shouldn't doubt your potential. As a teacher, you will definitely find your way how to interact effectively with your students. You will be amazed at how quickly learners of this age get used to the rules you set up and how soon they progress in acquiring a new language with you! Teaching such young students will be a rewarding experience to you - you will find a joy to see how your small students learn from you, laugh with you, copy you, attach to you and grow up with you!

Our students attend i2 Education classes after school and on weekends, and this is when you will be teaching classes at your campus. i2 teachers find this kind of schedule really convenient because you’ll have a half-day free on most days, in addition to your 2 off days, so you will have a lot of opportunities to explore your city or pursue your hobbies. 

We will pair you with a mentor who will make sure you become an expert at navigating daily life in your new city. They will help you with things like finding an apartment, guiding you on the best places to eat, showing you where to shop and how to use local transportation. Your mentor, in addition to your Foreign Academic Manager, will also be there for you for any teaching related assistance you may need. 

We value real friendship and positive experiences, and that’s why we help you achieve both. Throughout the year we have regular workshops, regional training, and team building activities where teachers get to meet one another and grow their circle of friends. If you consider yourself a performer, we also have an annual party where teachers get to showcase their talents.
Each campus becomes a family away from home to most teachers, and you will often find teachers getting together on their days off, or after work, for dinner, a hike, exploring the city, or karaoke. We also have WeChat groups for teachers in different regions, so help is simply a text away.


PBL originates from Finland and involves students developing language skills through exploration. It's a known fact that students learn faster by putting their knowledge into practice. We've incorporated this approach into our syllabus. You’ll often find students and teachers participating in non-traditional teaching activities on weekends, like camping, making pizza, canoeing, playing baseball, or even flying a helicopter. It's just as exciting for teachers as it is for students. You will become an expert at PBL through our regular academic training and weekly PBL activities, and have loads of fun in the process. 

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