Mianyang Schools

Mianyang is the second-largest prefecture-level city in Southwest China and has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Mianyang was ranked as China's third "most suitable city for living" by China Daily.

Known as the “Western Silicon Valley of China,” Mianyang has a total population of 5.2 million people and is in the heart of the newly established Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone (the “Cheng-Yu Economic Zone”), which will benefit greatly from China's “Go-West” policy. Under China's “Go West” policy, cities like Mianyang will benefit from the government's investment in transportation and other infrastructure projects, as well as from favorable government policies that will encourage direct investment. As a result of increased investment and a continuation of the urbanization trend, these cities will benefit from significant population growth and the need for new residential and commercial facilities.


Mianyang has gained its reputation as a technology center due to its importance as a base for national defense, scientific research, and production. Over 18 research institutes are located in Mianyang, including the China Academy of Engineering Physics and the China Aerodynamics Research Institute. It is also home to many Chinese and foreign-invested companies in industries as diverse as electronics, defense, pharmaceutical, and advanced materials.


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