Guiyang Schools
Guiyang is the capital of China's southwestern Guizhou province and is famous for being full of ethnic diversity, cuisine, and festivals. Many Chinese and foreign retailing giants have major operations here. Although Guiyang is not a first-tier city, it is developing very rapidly and it provides big opportunities. According to the National Urban Youth Index 2018 released by QQ Big Data, the youth index of Guiyang was 88 and ranked No.1 in China. Guiyang attracts a lot of young people who come here to seek their dreams.

Guiyang has amazing traditional southwestern food which originally comes from the “Miao” minor ethic group. For example, sour soup fish/beef is famous all over the country. Apart from the tasty traditional local food, there are many good western restaurants that provide real western food.
Guiyang is also famous for its non-polluted environment among all the cities in the country. It is also a city where people can have fun and also can explore the tourist sights near the city. If you like hiking or traditional ancient villages, you will definitely enjoy living and working here. Traveling in Guiyang is very convenient, it's easy to order or take a taxi any time and anywhere. Besides, there are light rail transit and many buses that go anywhere in the city.

The living expenses are quite low compared to other cities in China. For example, a two-bedroom apartment with furniture in downtown only costs about 2200RMB, which means you can save up much money working and living here. 


 i2 Education has 9 campuses in Guizhou, 7 campuses in Guiyang, 1 campus in LiuPan Shui, and 1 campus in KaiLi. The latter two cities are very small, but life there is very relaxed and comfortable. i2 Education campuses in Guiyang and neighboring centers are known for its great i2 teachers' community where i2 teachers work and play as one big team. If you join i2 Education there you will definitely have a great time and make lifelong friends!