Chengdu Schools

Chengdu has a two-thousand-year history and leaves it with numerous historical places of interest. Fertile lands and a favorable climate endow the city with picturesque surrounding scenic landscapes. The following are popular attractions in the city that attract many tourists every year.  It is one of the most famous and interesting places in Western China. Known as a center of urban sophistication and entertainment. Chengdu is known for its easygoing and laid-back vibe. It's also home to giant pandas.

Chengdu cuisine is famous for piquancy, but its flavoring is complex as well as hot. Typical dishes include the following:
Kung Pao Chicken (Spicy diced chicken with peanuts):
Ma Po Tofu (Bean curd with mince and chili oil): one of the most influential flavors of Sichuan cuisine, served in every Sichuan restaurant. Chen Ma Po's Bean Curd Restaurant at No. 197, West Yulong Street serves the most delicious and local one. For hundreds of years, Ma Po's Bean Curd has been popular among people all over China, even throughout the world.
a specialty of Sichuan cuisine, diced chicken, hot pepper and peanuts.

There are 28 i2 campuses in Chengdu. As the top foreign teacher employer, i2 in Chengdu has a high reputation and branding recognition in the foreign community.