Here at i2 Education, we have teachers come work for us from all walks of life. Some studied education and taught in their home countries before joining us, but there are also many others who did not study education and came to i2 Education with only a bit of teaching experience. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time teacher, i2 Education has many programs in place that will both help support you and help you to grow as a teacher.

Is there an introduction training?

At i2 Education, you will be looked after the moment you join us. Our Induction Week will help ensure that you get the necessary training to start your career at i2 Education. During this week, our trainers will teach you about i2 Education, from lesson planning and classroom management to potential career paths and contractual obligations. This training package does not just cover i2 Education though. What you learn during your induction week can be applied to any kind of teaching job. Lesson planning and classroom management are skills you can use in any classroom, not just at i2 Education. Once your induction training is over, you will be sent off to your campus to begin your on-the-job training.

Do I need previous teaching experience?

Have you taught in the classroom before? Great! If not, not to worry! While it may sound daunting at first, plenty of teachers start their teaching careers here at i2 Education. Teachers without any foundation in teaching come to i2 Education and begin long and prosperous careers in teaching, some even going on to become managers. This is in part thanks to our academic support. As previously mentioned, you will be looked after right until you enter the classroom. Even once you begin teaching yourself, your training does not end.

What do I do in the first few week of teaching?

Once you arrive at your campus, you will be gradually eased into your new work. Your first few weeks on the job will be filled with observations and co-teaching. During these two weeks, you will have plenty of time to see how teachers at i2 Education teach real students. With co-teaching, you will be given the opportunity to teach a class with an experienced i2 Education teacher and really get a feel for your work. You will also see everything that goes into a class, from the preparation to the teaching and even the after-class support and feedback for the students. Once you are ready, you will be scheduled a few demo classes, and then eventually be given a schedule of your own. How exciting! Rather than throw you directly into a classroom by yourself, observations and co-teaching will help to gradually ease you into your schedule, helping to ensure that you are ready and prepared when the time comes.

Do I get to stay up to date to relevant teaching methods?

Once you begin teaching you may still find there are things that you struggle with. How do I teach grammar in a fun and engaging way? In what ways can I improve my reward system? What about online classes? No worries! Here at i2 Education, we have a robust system of online trainings in place. These trainings, which happen multiple times each month, are a valuable source of knowledge and help ensure that our teachers are always evolving and improving with new teaching methods. The topics listed are just some of the online trainings i2 Education holds every month. For those experienced teachers or those who have been with i2 longer than a year, we also offer more advanced trainings.

Does i2 Education make sure I get the required teaching experience?

Lastly, i2 Education also offers a comprehensive, 120hr TEFL course. This course will see you through everything you need to know about teaching English in China and will help ensure you are ready to enter the classroom. The skills you learn here are invaluable, and if you ever decided to teach English in another city in China or even another country you will have no problem tackling anything that comes your way.

When I first arrived at i2 Education 4 years ago, I had a few concerns, to say the least. While I had finished my TEFL and had some teaching experience, for the most part, it was a completely new world to me. I went from teaching up to 50 adults in a class to teaching 6 children, some aged 3 and younger. It was a lot of work, and thankfully i2 Education helped support me every step of the way to ensure that I was given the best training possible. I had no reason to be concerned, and thanks to i2 Education I have even considered a career in teaching when I eventually return home. So, whether you are an experienced teacher or not, i2 Education welcomes you all the same!

By: Connor Ferguson