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One of the most beautiful cities in China

Qingdao is known for the Tsingtao Brewery

Qingdao is the largest and major city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China. Being occupied by the Germans and Japanese for a few decades in the past, the city has an interesting long history and a remarkable heritage. Many Chinese people consider Qingdao one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities in China.

Due to its colonial past under Germany’s rule, Qingdao has gained the reputation of a European-style city and has received the fame of being “the Universal Exposition of Architectures”. Many buildings in the city have preserved a distinct mark of western-style architecture. Qingdao’s wide streets and historic city center are remarkable legacies of the German occupation. The architectural complex in the Badaguan area was awarded the title of “the Most Beautiful Urban Area of ​​China”.

Qingdao is a city that has been specifically designated in the state plan. Being the economic center of Shandong Province, it is also an international port city, an important pilot zone for the development of the modern marine industry of China, an international shipping hub of Northeast Asia, and a coastal city for resort and tourism.

Nowadays, Qingdao continues to develop world-class business districts, and create a new Blue Silicon Valley which attracts talented human resources, tourists, and international businesses from around the world. The high level of commercial and financial activity in the city together with the abundance of natural beauty and stunning scenery make Qingdao one of the most impressive megacities in China.

i2 Education has 2 campuses which are all located in LaoShan District. If you decide to come to Qingdao and work there, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of that coastal city and the special vibe of the European style in China.

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