The 2nd largest city in Guizhou





10 – 29°C / 50 – 84°F



Top 10 summer resort cities in China

Populated by 44 different minorities

Liupanshui is the second-largest city in Guizhou province. Located between mountains and waters, Liupanshui lies in the western part of Guizhou. With a population of 3 million people, Liupanshui has a diverse ethnic presence as 44 ethnic minorities generate colorful national culture and account for one-fourth of the total population of the city. Ethnic customs and festivals, folk music, folk dance, folk opera, and diverse cultural heritages form the unique ethnic culture in Liupanshui.

Liupanshui is known as the “Cool City” for its low average summer temperature and pleasant climate throughout the year. The residents and visitors enjoy the clean fresh air and comfortable weather in any season.

Moreover, Liupanshui is famous throughout China for its magnificent natural landscapes. Thousands of Chinese and international visitors come to Liupanshui to enjoy its stunning waterfalls, karst caves, forests, canyons, lakes, and hot springs. Because of its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, Liupanshui has been listed as one of the top ten summer resort cities in China many times.

Having rich and stunning natural scenery, the city has a modern and well-developed infrastructure. It is considered a pioneer of innovation in Guizhou. Despite its current transformation and modernization, Liupanshui keeps its relaxing atmosphere with a unique charm that makes its residents treasure their city and explore its beauty.

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