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Kunming is called the “City of Eternal Spring”

With a history of 2400 years


The gateway to the Silk Road

“The City of Eternal Spring” is what they call Kunming commonly in China. The nickname is, of course, a little bit of poetic exaggeration, yet generally it is very truthful.

Located at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level at the northern edge of Dian Lake amidst beautiful mountain ridge, the city is known across the country for its weather (“always 20 above!” they say), which makes it one of the very few big cities in China where you won’t normally need to use an air conditioner to feel comfortable.

Geography determines Kunming’s status as the main gateway to the countries of Southeastern Asia. Located near the southern borders of China, the city has earned its reputation as a transportation hub for many travelers coming to China from Thailand, Burma, Indonesia and other Southeastern Asian countries. Many people normally arrive at Kunming intending to spend just a couple of days as they plan their next move in China.

But then, many of them decide to stay. Why?

Kunming appears to be a city with low living expenses. The food is pretty cheap here ($2-4 per meal). As far as the rent fee goes, a studio would cost you around $300 per month, and $400 will be enough for a two-bedroom apartment.

Transportation in Kunming is a sort of an attraction of its own. It is a tradition here to go places by e-bike (that can be purchased for 150-200$), which is thought of as the most convenient way of traveling around the city.

Despite having plenty of places to visit inside the city, Kunming has gotten its fame due to the multiple destinations in its vicinity: ancient Stone Forests of Shilin, stunning mountains’ landscapes of Lijiang and Shangri-La, tropic climate’s resort vibes of Xishuang Banna and many more are out there waiting for your arrival.

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