Capital of Sichuan Province




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Chengdu is Home to 50 Giant Pandas

The Birthplace of i2 Education

Chengdu is the fast-growing capital of the Sichuan Province, located in the South-West of China. Known as the “land of abundance”, this super-sized city is a melting pot of modern architecture, traditional Chinese culture, and natural beauty. The city’s beginnings date as far back as 2400 years ago, and Chengdu has since grown into a major economic, cultural, and transportation hub in China.

Chengdu is known for its spicy food and is any foodie’s paradise. In fact, UNESCO has named Chengdu “a City of Gastronomy”. The city boasts an exceptional variety of appetizing delicacies and dining options for every budget – from local street vendors to elaborate sit-down restaurants. Apart from the rich diversity of local food, Chengdu is home to numerous cuisines from all over the world. You will be amazed to see how many western, middle-eastern, and European restaurants have established their solid presence in Chengdu.

More than 270 Fortune 500 companies have established operations in Chengdu, and major industries include automobile, medical, food, and IT. Chengdu boasts modern megastructures, scenic leafy streets, large shopping malls, world-class restaurants, the best nightlife, and a booming expat scene.

Locals place a huge emphasis on lifestyle, and with Chengdu’s laid-back and relaxing atmosphere, it’s easy to understand why it is often named one of the most liveable cities in China.

i2 Education has established more than 30 campuses in Chengdu with around 220 foreign teachers. Every year i2 Education holds various events in Chengdu where our teachers meet their colleagues from different centers and share their experience of living and teaching English in China.

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